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The first anti-racism foundation in Europe, the ENAR Foundation was set up by the European Network Against Racism to be the vehicle for the ambitions and projects of anti-racist organisations across Europe, from grassroots to European level. It aims to support them in fighting for non-discrimination, equality and justice for all people living in the EU, irrespective of their racial, ethnic or religious background.

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Why intersectionality is relevant for a fairer Europe

27 September 2020

The question for Europe now is not if discrimination and exclusion exist but rather how intersectionality serves as a tool to create a fairer, socially just, and more inclusive Europe for everyone.
The ’Great Equalizer’
Initially hailed as the ’great equalizer’, the COVID-19 pandemic has, in (...)

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EU Action Plan Against Racism: strong push on Member States to act better against racism

18 September 2020

On September 18th, 2020, the EU Anti-Racism Action Plan published by the European Commission is the first time that there is high-level recognition at European Union level of the need to fight structural racism. It strongly urges Member States to have better policies against racism and report (...)

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Report: Intersectional discrimination in Europe

14 September 2020

ENAR launched today a new report on "Intersectional discrimination in Europe: relevance, challenges and ways forward", in collaboration with the Center for Intersectional Justice.
Intersectionality looks at the ways in which various social categories such as gender, class, race, sexuality, (...)

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Data racism: a new frontier

21 August 2020

Perhaps without even noticing, you have read about data racism several times in the news in the past months. What is it? This blog seeks to explain - in the context of an emerging strand of work at the European Network Against Racism exploring racism in the digital space.
The growth of AI and (...)

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