Our joint flagship initiative with ENAR to guide employers' DE&I programmes to reach new heights

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Raising DE&I's game

Since 2009, ENAR and ENAR Foundation have been working side by side with employers to improve the diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) in the workplace. The Equal@Work platform is a unique cross-sector platform that informs employers of DE&I best practice emerging from civil society grassroots organisations and supports employers on their journeys to create best-in-class DE&I programmes that deliver positive and impactful change for racialised individuals across Europe.

Recognising the important role that employment can play to reduce opportunity gaps for racialised groups in Europe, we collaborate to bridge grassroots civil society expertise with those responsible for DE&I in employer organisations to build systemic inclusion at work.

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If you're an employer, Equal@Work is made for you

Equal@Work is a membership service offered to employer organisations. By subscribing to the service you get access to consultancy support for your DE&I programme as well as a platform to gain knowledge, share expertise, and collaborate to strengthen your internal practices for the benefit of your employees and your organisation.

The service is open to employer organisations from all sectors, we welcome private businesses, non-profits, academic, trade-unions, and public-sector organisations. If you employ someone, Equal@Work is for you!

Your access ticket to Europe's anti-racist experts

Equal@Work members benefit from access to Europe's anti-racist experts. By joining our partnership, you will be directly connected to ENAR's expertise on anti-racism and DE&I.

ENAR's network represents nearly 150 grassroots organisations across Europe who will help inform and inspire your internal DE&I efforts to reach the next level.

Along with ENAR Foundation's SPARK DE&I network of racialised DE&I professionals, you have access to the best expertise available on the European continent enriched by their actual lived experiences.

By working with us, we'll help you bridge your gaps with racialised communities and migrants.

A pan-European supportive community for you

Equal@Work creates an innovative and safe multi-stakeholder space to discuss common issues of concern and create new alliances to increase the employment rate of ethnic minorities and migrants in Europe. But it's not just that, partners enjoy:

  • A safe space to discuss, deliberate, and overcome challenges in DE&I implementation

  • High-level networking at European level and joint development of advocacy strategies.

  • Peer-to-peer sharing of best practices in HR and diversity management.

  • Better understanding of different organisational models.

and much more...

Equal@Work members also love a wide range of perks:

  • Annual seminars oriented on practice

  • Thematic working groups to deepen knowledge

  • A facilitated network of like-minded peers from other employer organisations

  • Consultancy hours granting you access to ENAR and ENAR member organisations' expertise to support and advise your DE&I programmes and initiatives

  • Curated DE&I resource library and support to implement them in your organisation

  • Kudos for joining one of the most cutting-edge multi-stakeholder effort.


Equal@Work is a values-based partnership and community. Only employers who meet our ethical guidelines are eligible to apply for membership.

Apply today and begin the due diligence process to join the partnership that will unlock your DE&I potential.