Code of Conduct

Manifesto and Code of Conduct governing the acceptable use of our SPARK Communities


What we stand for

Racism is an historic and ongoing issue that is pervasive within our society and institutions. It is abhorrent both in itself and in its manifestation as a pervasive force that oppresses racialised individuals and prevents them from securing equitable access to resources. We forcefully believe racism must be eradicated, and that by empowering individuals we can take meaningful steps towards doing this.

Pillar One: ENAR Foundation SPARK Communities

SPARK communities of professionals in Europe are built by racialised individuals for racialised individuals. The community serves as a mechanism to broaden our shoulders and use our collective strength to break the concrete ceiling and ensure greater access to opportunities. Community members are agents of change, committed to uplifting each other and our common aim of using their professional field as a tool to dismantle racism and other systems of oppression.

Pillar Two: ENAR Foundation Directory

Anti-racism consultants play a key role in the fight against racism and its associated consequences by raising much-needed awareness and implementing solutions that pave the way for change. The Directory brings visibility to the work these individuals do and pays tribute to its importance - while at the same time making it easier for organisations and individuals to engage with qualified resources. This will allow more projects that focus on dismantling systemic racism to be realised, while positioning Europe as a hub of significant anti-racism knowledge ready for use to catalyse change here and in other parts of the world.

Code of Conduct

The European Network Against Racism (ENAR) Foundation (hereafter “The Foundation”) is dedicated to creating and protecting safer spaces for people, and has created SPARK Communities and Directory to be an environment in which professionals across Europe can develop professional relationships, strengthen their knowledge, and explore business opportunities. This Code of Conduct is designed to inspire and guide the ethical conduct of all members, and applies to all interactions between members, their clients and society across all platforms and channels, online and offline.

  1. Members will use their experience and connections for the benefit of all members, and interact with each other in ways that uphold standards of honesty, fair practice, courtesy, and professionalism.

  2. Members commit to respect diversity and treat fellow members with dignity, decency and respect. In line with the Foundation’s values, they will do their part to foster a safer space for all, free from intimidation, harassment, discrimination or hostility regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, nationality, origin, age, disability, or physical appearance.

  3. Members will treat information shared by other members as strictly confidential unless otherwise specified. They shall not claim credit for others’ work and shall not reuse assets without their owner’s permission.

  4. Members will respect the privacy of other members and use personal information in line with the latest GDPR legislation.

  5. Members will be honest about their product or service offerings, qualifications, and any limitations in their competence to complete a task. They will honour all commitments, or adjust them in order to assure they uphold agreements set with fellow members, clients and members of society.

  6. Members will set manageable expectations for project work, aiming to reflect the actual time and effort required to deliver what has been agreed to a satisfactory level. They will be upfront about any potential conflicts of interest that may arise as part of delivery.

  7. Members will not do anything that brings into disrepute the Foundation, its Communities and Directory, or any members of the Communities and/or Directory.

  8. Members will encourage and support adherence to this code, and report code violations to the Community Chair, who will handle the report with confidentiality and take appropriate action. This action may be, but is not limited to, suspending or terminating membership access or privileges.