Racial and Economic Justice Investment Fund

ENAR Foundation is piloting the REJI Fund to power up racialised initiatives

ENAR Foundation was born from the ENAR network to support racialised communities, as well as direct funds and resources towards anti-racist projects, initiatives and organisations across Europe.  

Our most recent ambitious and impactful pilot initiative is the Racial and Economic Justice Investment Fund (REJI).

We connect with and collect funds from like-minded investors and stakeholders, and then we will use ENAR Foundation’s outreach and expertise to direct them towards racialised people and organisations who champion a sustainable model driven by: 

  • Positive socio-environmental value and impact,  

  • High community involvement, 

  • Engagement of racialised people, ideas and projects in the design, delivery and benefits.

The result: presenting alternative business models that align with the values of Anti-Racism.  

We are developing the REJI Fund and we are seeking like-minded funders

"The Climate Finance Fund recognises Europe is lagging behind in analysing, understanding, and repairing the significant investment gaps in racialised communities that need to be at the heart of climate transition efforts. That is why we are supporting ENAR Foundation to take pioneering steps to develop Europe's first pan-European investment vehicle that aims to solve this problem head-on."  

Marilyn Waite, Managing Director of The Climate Finance Fund, one of ENAR Foundation REJI’s biggest funders 

The REJI Fund has been developed by ENAR Foundation as a result of the ENAR association’s report on Climate Justice. The report underlined how the current climate crisis disproportionately impacts racialised communities.

Marilyn Waite CFF

To address the climate crisis, we must: 

  • acknowledge and account for the systemic contribution that led to the crisis,  

  • champion participation and involvement of affected communities in its resolution,  

  • make funding available to the impacted communities to end it.

Kim Smouter, Director of ENAR Foundation, believes that “in today’s society, capital remains one of the most important levers to achieve self-determination for communities and individuals alike. However, capital has often been the very source and reinforcer of structures of inequity.”  

We are seeking and are counting on funders who aim to invest in racialised-led initiatives, and disproportionately climate affected communities, like The Climate Finance Fund, who is one of the biggest donors of the REJI Fund. In order for us to fulfil our goal of building a systemically inclusive society, we need help from donors who want to be a part of ENAR Foundation’s mission to #MakeRacismHistory. 

Kim Smouter ENAR Foundation

Why funders should support the REJI Fund powered by ENAR Foundation 

ENAR Foundation is in a unique position as a trusted facilitator of change, acting as a pathway between like-minded funders and marginalised communities in need.  

If you’d like to discuss about funding our REJI initiative, reach out to us by email at info@enarfoundation.eu.  

If you are seeking funding for a project that would fall under our scope, please make sure to follow us on Linkedin and stay in touch. Once we have the REJI Fund in its full shape, we will launch a call for proposals, and we would love to hear from you!

We appreciate your support in spreading the word around about our REJI Fund!