Empowerment and Resilience

Discover our effort to support the Anti-Racism movement

We exist to ensure the Anti-Racism movement is sufficiently resourced to carry out its essential work. One of our main instruments is granting to ENAR and through it its members ensuring that we reach and support the grassroots all across Europe.

Champions of grassroots organisations

Under represented communities rely on grassroots, community-led organisations to deliver essential social services and advocate to protect the rights of marginalised groups in a society that was designed to discriminate and disadvantage them.

Civil society organisations are essential protectors of human rights, democracy, and champions of the values of plurality and equality. But, they face recurring difficulties securing the funds they need to operate. Instead of servicing, protecting, empowering and championing the communities they work for and with. Many civil society organisations are forced to spend their precious resources tracking down funding that runs out too quickly.

Armed with this realisation, ENAR Foundation collaborates with donors in establishing the Empowerment and Resilience Fund supporting ENAR and its member organisations. The Empowerment and Resilience Fund is made possible thanks to grants and donations from individual and organisational donors.

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Our current funds

Discover the activities we are undertaking to strengthen the resilience of Anti-Racism organisations.

Empowerment and Resilience Fund

Discover our effort to support the Anti-Racism movement

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ENAR Structural Support

Megaphoning the voice of Anti-Racism across Europe

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Emergency Protection and Solidarity Fund

Support to organisations and individuals under threat or in crisis

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