Learn about the executive team of the ENAR Foundation

Kim Leonard Smouter-Umans

Director (He/Him)

Kim L. Smouter Umans joined ENAR Foundation in March 2022. Kim previously worked as ESOMAR’s Head of Public Affairs and Professional Standards, having joined in 2012. While there, he was one of the founding fathers of the ESOMAR Foundation, the charitable arm of ESOMAR.

Kim also served a stint as Secretary General of the European Network of National Civil Society Associations. As its first Secretary General, Kim laid the foundations for securing its role and its future as one of Europe’s leading bodies defending the interests of the non-profit sector by bringing together over 20 national civil society infrastructure platforms.

He has also served in various policy roles working for the North East England Office in Brussels and in the European Parliament working in the fields of social policy, education, and employment. He holds a master’s degree in European Public Affairs and a bachelor’s degree in European Studies and is a graduate of the University of Maastricht.

Portrait photo of Kim Smouter
Izabela Jurczik-Arnold

Programmes Officer (She/Her)

Izabela joined ENAR Foundation in December 2021, bringing in her background in the field of intercultural education, youth and learning mobility. In her past engagements she had been in charge of developing capacity building services and cross-border cooperation projects for civil society organisations around Europe. She has experience as a project manager, fund-raiser and trainer on both organisational development and intercultural topics.

At the ENAR Foundation, Izabela is managing the programmatic activities and the relations with donors. She helps beneficiaries get the most out of our grants and support, whilst ensuring that our donors are kept fully informed of the impact of their contributions on the pan-European anti-racism movement and on the Foundation's initiatives.

Portrait photo of Izabela Jurczik-Arnold
Catalin Gheorghe

Partnerships Manager (He/Him)

Catalin joined ENAR Foundation in December 2023, contributing with his experience in resource mobilisation, philanthropy development and capacity building. His past assignments were to develop modern membership management tools, developing donor relations, crafting persuasive proposals, or exploring new geographic program areas. Environmental protection, civic and human rights, as well as overall civil society development are the fields in which he has worked. His passion is fundraising, developing human relations and systems for more sustainable organizations.

At the ENAR Foundation, Catalin reaches out to new donors, ensures that the existing ones get the recognition and gratitude they deserve while communicating the impact they have on the pan-European anti-racism movement.

Catalin Gheorghe Partnerships Manager portrait
Liane Riscu

Communication Expert (She/They)

Liane joined ENAR Foundation in November 2023. Liane is a communicator with an experience of 15+ years in advocacy and inclusion, impact tech and SaaS, creative communication, and global media strategy. She worked for human rights based organisations targeting communities across the globe. They built and managed successful remote teams across six continents, developed communities with over 150,000 members, facilitated sustainable accessibility projects attracting over 4000 volunteers and partners worldwide.

At the ENAR Foundation, Liane is doing everything communication, creative, and connecting people to what matters.

Pakamile Mugogoshi

Operations and Finance Officer (He/Him)

Pakamile joined ENAR Foundation in March 2024. Pakamile has more than a decade of experience working with NGOs as the Finance and Administration Manager. He managed international donor funding as well as covered the Southern Africa region. His experience in budgeting, operational procedure, governance and compliance issues within donor community comes at the most important time of the Foundation as it executes its strategic plan.

At the ENAR Foundation, Pakamile is in charge of finances and administration of resources, as well as the overall budget of the Foundation.