Islamophobia explained to the youth

Collective for Countering Islamophobia in Europe (CCIE)

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Empowerment and Resilience

Increased Islamophobia and racial discrimination in France.

Project activities

Developing educational content in the form of a textbook and short movie targeted to French youth opening the discussion on racial discrimination.



Islamophobia explained to youth

This project aims to create educational content (videos, interviews, educational files, textbooks) designed to explain Islamophobia to young people in general, and to French youth in particular. With contributions from researchers, psychologists, and field experts, this project has taken on both a scientific and pedagogical dimension, with the goal of acknowledging the reality of Islamophobia while finding educational ways to discuss it with young people, whom parents sometimes wish to shield from such issues.

"Starting from an exclusive interview conducted in 2020 - an interview that had never been aired - we produced a new video featuring a joint perspective from Fatima and her son, following an incident that occurred in October 2019. During this incident, the mother - who was acting as a chaperone - was discriminated against in front of a large audience, particularly in front of her child, who broke down in tears in her arms. This exclusive interview is rich in insights, including the account of discussions that took place between this chaperoning mother and the children she was accompanying. Faced with the attitude of some children, who tended to believe that France did not like them, Fatima regularly discussed with these children how to deconstruct this idea. However, she recounts that upon leaving the Regional Council, after the incident, these children had a unanimous reaction: 'We told you so.' This question inspired the starting point of this educational project: in the form of a short-animated film, where we recreate this scene and conclude it with a question that will be debated in classrooms or within families," said the CCIE in their report to ENAR Foundation.

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