ENAR Foundation is seeking racial justice funders

ENAR Foundation needs more like-minded funders and donors to power up racialised initiatives

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16 Nov 2023
Liane R
Communication Expert
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ENAR Foundation’s Racial and Economic Justice Investment (REJI) Fund pilot initiative is part of the Systemically Inclusive Society programme, and it seeks to showcase the steps our society’s stakeholders can undertake to foster the creation of the systemically inclusive society.

In today’s world, capital remains one of the most important levers to achieve self-determination for communities and individuals alike. However, capital has often been the very source and reinforcer of structures of inequity.

We count on funders who aim to invest in racialised-led initiatives and disproportionately climate affected communities in Europe, and together champion capital working differently, being directed towards underfinanced communities, and being used to accelerate the deployment of business models that truly achieve equitable outcomes for the communities they serve.

The Climate Finance Fund is the first like-minded investor in ENAR Foundation’s REJI Fund in Europe. With their help, REJI Fund helps accelerate the emergence of racialised initiatives in Europe, and strengthens the health of social economy actors who operate to achieve sustainability, equity, and involve local and historically marginalised communities.

We need a REJI Fund for racialised initiatives in Europe

The REJI Fund focuses on social projects and organisations conducting economic activity aligned with a defined social purpose. Such initiatives face hurdles to find support from funders or flexible capital. The REJI Fund makes it a reality for them to leverage their knowledge and experience, and scale up their impact on the climate and social justice areas.

The REJI Fund strengthens both the economic and social capital available to and with racialised communities in Europe. As a result, the community will strengthen their overall resilience in the face of crises and develop stronger networks of support across national borders and among racialised communities.

We need more like-minded funders and supporters: info@enarfoundation.eu. Let’s talk and build a systemically inclusive society!

If you'd like to read more about our Racial and Economic Justice Investment Fund pilot initiative in Europe, please have a look here or follow us on Linkedin to stay up to date with all of ENAR Foundation's programmes aimed at supporting and powering up most needed projects and initiatives across Europe.

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