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SPARK Communities
Introducting SPARK Communities

ENAR Foundation is building pan-European professional communities for racialised individuals that offer:

- Virtual meeting spaces for professionals to meet their peers from across Europe.

- Networking and professional development opportunities.

- A space that recognizes your experience and innate skills.

- A space to attract and build new professional opportunities for underrepresented groups in the workplace.

Join the SPARK Teachers community

Under the “SPARK Teachers” name we are working to build a community of teachers who identify as racialised individuals and acknowledge the importance of anti-racism in schools.

By signing up, you are expressing interest in ongoing membership where you commit to active participation. This membership is for individuals only.

SPARK Teachers membership perks include
  • A fully stocked resources centre to keep your skills sharpened and develop your everyday teaching practice.

  • A space for you to share and learn from fellow teachers’ experience and best practices and get personalised feedback, supervision, and coaching.

  • A space to share thoughts, concerns, ideas, and opportunities with likeminded colleagues from across Europe.

  • Monthly virtual get-togethers for professional and personal support

  • In-person retreats to inspire and take you to the next level.

  • Dialogues with different professionals in the field of education (e.g. representatives from the labour union, publishers, governmental bodies, research projects/NGO’s, universities, etc.)

  • A digital community to connect you to fellow teachers from across Europe.