Discover how we're strengthening professional networks for racialised individuals in Europe

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SPARK Communities
Introducing SPARK Communities

SPARK Communities aim to counteract the social capital gap racialised individuals have accumulated by creating inspiring pan-European networking spaces for racialised individuals working in sectors where they are under-represented thereby building curative networks that help lift everyone's social capital.

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The first SPARK community: SPARK DE&I

Whilst we hope to branch out to many sectors, our first SPARK community is addressing racialised individuals who are active DE&I professionals working in Europe. We hope to connect individuals who are natural multipliers shaping organisations' efforts to build more inclusive workplaces. If you have an idea of a sector that needs a SPARK, then don't hesitate to reach out and propose one for us to consider!

A community led by and for racialised individuals

SPARK DE&I is spearheaded by Community Chair Tamara Makoni, an expert DE&I consultant herself, SPARK DE&I facilitates a growing community of passionate Europe-based DE&I professionals with lived experiences. Her role is to make sure the community responds to the specific needs of racialised DE&I professionals and create an inspiring and vibrant space for them to express themselves, share their experiences, and grow opportunities.

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Join our great pioneering journey

ENAR Foundation is building with racialised individuals pan-European professional communities that offer:

  • Virtual meeting spaces for professionals to meet their peers

  • Networking and professional development opportunities

  • A space that recognises your expertise and innate skills

  • Business opportunities for underrepresented individuals in their sector

Some of the cool features you can expect
  • A fully stocked resources centre to keep your skills sharpened; 

  • A job board to expand your professional opportunities; 

  • Monthly virtual socials to share your lived experience; 

  • In-Person Retreats to inspire and take you to the next level; 

  • Expert-led talks to broaden your awareness of what's hot; 

  • A digital community to connect you to your peers across Europe. 

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