ENAR Structural Support

Megaphoning the voice of Anti-Racism across Europe

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Empowerment and Resilience
Keeping the lights on

As the leading pan-European voice of Anti-Racism, the European Network Against Racism (ENAR) has developed to become an essential actor at the European level championing racialised communities and individuals.

As a leading advocate, it is uniquely positioned to carry out research, high-level advocacy, and enable practice-sharing and networking. It is a vital interlocutor serving as the umbrella for civil society organisations across Europe and connecting grassroots civil society organisations with the European-level.

ENAR members laughing and supporting each other
Our raison d'ĂȘtre

Founded by ENAR, the ENAR Foundation collates and amplifies donations and grants made available to carry on Anti-Racism work in Europe.

Additionally, ENAR Foundation provides structural support to ENAR through funding that allow ENAR to innovate and carry out activities that it would otherwise be unable to carry out due to the restricted funding it receives.

Through this structural support, we do more than just keep the lights on at ENAR, we help megaphone ENAR's voice and ambitions for the benefit of all racialised individuals and communities in Europe.

ENAR staff posing for the camera at the 2022 GA
Supporting Staff Wellbeing

Following COVID-19, pressures on employees has continued to grow. ENAR Foundation has stepped up to support ENAR to strengthen its existing programmes for wellbeing and ensuring that it offers more opportunities for ENAR's secretariat to unwind, bond, and recharge for the challenges to come. The support of ENAR Foundation enables ENAR to offer its employees Lunch & Learns, team social outings, and to celebrate individual colleagues' milestones.

ENAR members holding yellow voting cards up in their hands
Growing ENAR's Resilience

For many years, ENAR Foundation's structural support were vital to address ENAR budgetary shortfalls. However, in recent years, the collective efforts of ENAR and ENAR Foundation have allowed the structural support to focus less on addressing shortfalls and more on preparing the future by focusing on strengthening the capacity of ENAR's social and operational reserves so that it can continue to maintain its activities for the foreseeable future.

Two men moving office boxes up a stairwell
Helping with the unexpected

Late in 2022, after conclusion of the budget, ENAR learned through the press that it had acquired a new landlord, a far-right political party would own its office space. ENAR Foundation together with benevolent donors rallied in order to find the necessary funding to allow ENAR to move to a new office space to ensure funds made available for Anti-Racism was now being used to finance the very thing it is supposed to combat.

Want to join our efforts to support ENAR?

ENAR Foundation welcomes donations and grants to help strengthen the structural support we offer to ENAR. Every cent counts and if you share our commitment to help Anti-Racism activism across Europe, you've come to the right place.