Community organising against discrimination

Alliance Citoyenne - France

Related initiative

Empowerment and Resilience
Key activities

- Development of new local branches

- Media/PR training for Muslim women

- Legal support for discrimination cases

The grant supported French hijabis women to carry on organising for their rights against all odds. Two new local Muslim women unions were launched in Burgundy and Paris region in November and February and coordinate with Grenoble, Lyon and hijabeuses to fight systemic islamophobia in France.

In 2022, the advocacy campaigns were successful and led to both a national victory with the withdrawal of a discriminatory amendment and to local victories: in Grenoble with the authorisation of the full body swimming suit and in the Toulouse area against McDonalds racist abuses.

730 new women engaged with Alliance Citoyenne and 13 had opportunity to speak in the media to spread another narrative.