Empowerment and Resilience - 2023 grants awarded to ENAR Members!

Our key line of support to grassroots organisations

Publishing date
3 Jul 2023
Portrait photo of Izabela Jurczik-Arnold
Izabela Jurczik-Arnold
Development and Granting Officer
Izabela is ENAR Foundation's Development and Granting Officer

Within the Empowerment and Resilience Fund, another round of 17 grants has been disbursed to ENAR Members across Europe, amounting to more than 150K EUR. The largest of ENAR Foundation initiatives, the Fund is a lifeline for small and medium anti-racist organisations, supporting grassroots projects, as well as organisational development.

“The Empowerment and Resilience Fund remains a reliable and accessible funding source for anti-racism organisations often struggling to maintain operations in hostile political environments. The Fund not only helps them survive and implement meaningful activities. Its collaborative and flexible nature also builds the ENAR Members’ capacity to further fundraise from other sources. We hope to continue this support framework in the years to come” says ENAR Foundation’s Director, Kim Smouter.

Meet the 2023 grantees and their projects:

  • Dokustelle (Austria): Rooting Networks in Muslim Communities in Austria – building the grassroots volunteer network

  • Centre for Peace Studies (Croatia): „Building community through culture“ – supporting African-led initiatives

  • KISA (Cyprus): Re-structuring and development of the organisation

  • Generation for Change (Cyprus): Employability Hub for migrants and refugees

  • CEDA (Denmark): Support for the further development of organisational sustainability and resilience

  • Anti-Racist Forum (Finland): Strengthening Anti-Racist Capacities and Data Monitoring in Finland

  • Alliance Citoyenne (France): Empowering hijabi women union to face attacks and campaign for fair access to jobs

  • Lallab (France): Equality, Justice and Power for Muslim Women in the workforce

  • Coexister (France): A new format of prejudice deconstruction workshops in schools to support teachers

  • BUG (Germany): Advocating for a stronger legal anti-discrimination framework

  • Center for Migration Gender and Justice (Germany): “Gender Justice Beyond Borders” Youth Engagement Academy

  • Generation 2.0 for Rights, Equality and Diversity (Greece): Legal empowerment to de-construct structural racism in particular against second generation migrants

  • Greek Forum of Migrants (Greece): “Against Racist Crime” Trainings for Migrant and Refugee Communities

  • Altera (Italy): Play, watch, learn, fight. Leveraging culture for equality

  • Nosotras (Italy): Second Re-generation – a training course for racialised young people

  • ENWAD (Spain): EMPOWER – to prevent and combat racism, xenophobia and other forms of intolerance” focusing the anti-migrant and anti-minorities discrimination

  • Apna Haq (UK): NVC and the Islam: Bridging Polarization through Dialogue – Breaking the Stereotypes around Islam – Combating Islamophobia through nonviolent ways