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ENAR Shadow Report 2021: Call for researchers/experts

ENAR’s annual Shadow Reports proved to be a major tool for advocacy and coordinated action for anti-racism, towards national governments, European and international institutions, and the media.

Since the first European Shadow Report in 2004 and following subsequent changes, the findings from the Shadow Reports have fed into ENAR’s advocacy and communication at national and European levels. The reports are unique, in that they bring together the latest information and developments to help build a civil society perspective on racism. The reports reflect the views of NGOs and victims of discrimination at local, national and EU levels. With statistical and comparative data, the Shadow Reports have a demonstrable impact on influencing policy development and bringing about necessary reforms.

We are asking researchers/experts to collect and analyse reliable data and concrete cases (with dates and links to primary sources) of racism and related discriminatory practices on different societal levels. The questionnaire will cover a range of areas including the justice system and hate crime, education, employment, housing, health as well as media and representation. The questionnaire will also cover good/best practice from NGOs, governments and other stakeholders and recommendations for further actions to be taken at EU and national levels. This format may alter slightly in accordance with changes made to the questionnaire.


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