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The ENAR Foundation at the Brussels Marathon - Thank you!

The ENAR Foundation team ran the 2013 Brussels Marathon.

We would like to thank the people that made this day so special: our runners, our organisation team and everyone who participated! We had a good time, getting in touch with those interested in our anti-racism cause and helping us to raise funds for our activities and projects.

We would like to express our thanks to:

  • the ENAR Foundation runners from all over Europe: Ville, Matti, Alessandro, Helen, Giovanni, Nicola, Samuel, Adele, Catherine, Eunice, Alexandra, Thomas, Claudio, Alexandra, Mareike, Mirela, Maria, Giulia, Juliana, Fanny, Claire, Stef, Zakeera, Gwen, Guy, Myriam, Matteo, Anders, Hamed, Kevin, Philippe, Julien, Michel, Corinne, Etienne.
  • our photographer Tobias Pellcciari and our videomaker Enrico Turci
  • Maracatu Mix Belgique whose drums motivated all runners! You can have a look at their website here
  • Exki for the wonderful time at the Exki Bourse, Crossmark Communication for all the communication materials and Jogging Plus, who supported our cause.

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