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enar foundation for a racism-free europe

The ENAR Foundation team: ready to run, looking for more runners!

The ENAR Foundation team is ready to run in the 2013 Brussels Marathon!

We have a fierce multinational team!

The ENAR Foundation would like to thank Guy, Ville, Matti, Alessandro, Viviane, Helen, Giovanni, Nicola, Samuel, Adele, Catherine, Eunice, Alexandra, Thomas, Claudio, Alexandra, Mareike, Mirela, Maria, Giulia, Juliana, Fanny, Claire, Stef, Zakeera, Gwen, Myriam, Matteo, Anders, Hamed for helping us in fighting racism!

The Enar Foundation remind that is still possible to join our team registering as an individual runner. If you are interested in joining the team, fill in the ENAR Foundation form and pay the Marathon fee to the ENAR Foundation. We will make the registration for you and we will be happy to welcome you as part of the team!

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Do not hesitate to contact us for further information

The ENAR Foundation would like to thank Crossmark Graphic Communication, Jogging Plus and Exki for their support!

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