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Div’Apéro #6: Music for Diversity

Coordinated by us, the ENAR Foundation and powered by our cultural partner TAG City, The Div’Apéro is a meeting of all those interested in advancing and promoting cultural diversity in Europe. The Div’Apéro is a nice, informal and friendly moment, where people interested in what is going on and what can be done to promote a more diverse, racism-free Europe can meet.

At 19:00 on 20 June 2014, we are organising our unique European networking meeting and celebrating the Belgian Music Festival in Brussels (Fête de la Musique) and highlighting the work of artists in the promotion of cultural diversity in Europe. This Div’Apero will be hosted at the Place Communale, 18 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean in the Municipality of Molenbeek.

Our biggest yet, we plan to gather hundreds, including 200 European diversity activists.


This Div’Apéro is full of what has become our signature: official debates/discussions, a tombola, refreshments, refreshments, and music performances by Manou Gallo and Flavia Coelho. And, because this Div’Apéro takes place during the Fête de la Musique, our topic for the Debate/Discussion segment will be "The Role of the Entertainment Industry in Creating and Promoting Cultural Diversity." This Debate will be a fusion of the traditional debate along with a discussion panel and roundtables. Can’t visualise it? I guess you’ll have to come see it for yourself. See you soon!

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