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Natalie’s Notes: Cultural Diversity and Migration in Europe

by Natalie Yao

With new technologies shortening the average travelling time, more and more people move to different countries to experience a new culture, a new life, and to search for new opportunities. Young people are more mobile than previous generations as many countries open their doors to this ambitious, well-educated, and highly capable force. One of the European Union’s major goals is to boost the economy in all EU member states, and migration and mobility is just as inevitable as it is necessary in this process.

Migration brings cultural diversity to society. The ENAR Foundation is here to give visibility to the fight for a racism-free Europe, and to promote cultural diversity integration is what ENAR foundation aiming to achieve. In a world of globalisation, migration creates economic prosperity across Europe. Being immigrant-friendly also gives the EU a new face on the global stage, which will not only make the EU more visible, but also attract more international resources (foreign direct investment, multilateral corporations, etc.). It’s about time to let the migrants’ voices be heard, and to continue to strengthen Cultural Diversity in Europe.

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