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2014-2018: Racist Crime and Institutional Racism in Europe

We have more than earned the right to live and not have our children killed in the way Stephen was.
Doreen Lawrence, mother of Stephen Lawrence

In 2014 ENAR published a very important shadow report on racially motivated crimes in Europe and in 2019 we thought that it would be an important exercise to revisit and update the report.

Five years after the last report what we find is alarming: hate crimes that target racial and ethnic minorities are on the rise. This is clearly connected to what we all have been witnessing: a growing polarisation at a political level and within communities, the lack of sanctions and consequences for politicians and decision makers who have become emboldened to use racist rhetoric and sometimes incite violence and hate.

This report looks at how, despite the increase of violent racially motivated crimes, the mishandling of these crimes by the authorities and in particular the police is a regular occurrence and the failures of the criminal justice system to reveal institutional racism continue to impact on the lives of racial and ethnic minorities across the European Union.


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