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The first anti-racism foundation in Europe, the ENAR Foundation was set up by the European Network Against Racism to be the vehicle for the ambitions and projects of anti-racist organisations across Europe, from grassroots to European level. It aims to support them in fighting for non-discrimination, equality and justice for all people living in the EU, irrespective of their racial, ethnic or religious background.

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Equal@Work Seminar: Algorithmic discrimination in the field of Recruitment and its Impact on Diversity management

6 December 2019

ENAR’s 11th annual Seminar, organised on 6th December 2019, focussed on algorithmic discrimination in the field of recruitment and its impact on diversity management.
New technologies deployed to improve recruitment practices may present a risk of discrimination against many underrepresented (...)

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Equal@Work Toolkit: Race and Mental Health at Work

10 October 2019

On World Mental Health Day, ENAR published a new toolkit on race and mental health at work, in the framework of our Equal@work platform.
10 October 2019
Racism, discrimination and structural inequalities intersect with mental health and have an impact on the mental health of people of colour (...)

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2014-2018: Racist Crime and Institutional Racism in Europe

21 March 2019

“We have more than earned the right to live and not have our children killed in the way Stephen was.” Doreen Lawrence, mother of Stephen Lawrence
In 2014 ENAR published a very important shadow report on racially motivated crimes in Europe and in 2019 we thought that it would be an important (...)

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Equal@Work Toolkit: Women of Colour in the Workplace

1 September 2018

The Equal@work Platform is a space for employers, trade unions, public authorities and NGOs to collaborate for innovative solutions to diversity management. Members of the platform explore how to integrate an anti-racist approach; ensuring improved access to the workplace for people of colour (...)

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