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Consultancy services

The ENAR Foundation develops consultancy activities on a case by case basis in collaboration with ENAR members or like-minded companies aiming at making Europe and the world a more equal and better place to live in.

The ENAR Foundation can provide your company or your institution with a wealth of competence and expertise in the many fields of diversity: diversity management, legal expertise, diversity training, diversity assessment…

In this context, the ENAR Foundation and its partners, European Center for Leadership and Entrepreneurship Education (ECLEE) and Strategest, have developed a European certification in diversity management, that includes a holistic approach and a multi-integrated process that support a global strategic position of the company in its environment. Beyond the certification itself, this approach offers companies the possibility to optimise their approach on the benefits of diversity policy, through thorough auditing and concrete training proposals for all hierarchical levels. ENAR’s approach is both qualitative and progressive. The approach sets impact and success indicators of the diversity policies, which will be regularly measured and adjusted to accompany the growth of the company.

Read the presentation leaflet of the ENAR Holistic Diversity Management Certificate (in French)

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