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New Shadow Report on racism in Europe supported by ENAR Foundation

ENAR Foundation supported the publication of the European Network Against Racism’s latest Shadow Report on racism in Europe, covering 2011-2012. This report is produced yearly to fill the gaps in the official and academic data, to offer an alternative to these data and to give an NGO perspective on the realities of racism in the EU and its Member States. It identifies communities vulnerable to racism and presents an overview of manifestations of racism in a range of areas. In addition, the report analyzes the legal and political context.

The new report concludes that racism and discrimination occur everywhere in Europe and continue to negatively influence the lives of many people, including immigrants (whether EU or third country nationals), Muslims, Roma, people of African descent, and Jews. These groups face racism and discrimination in a broad range of areas, from employment to education, and from housing to policing.

For 2011-2012, particular attention is given to Muslim communities. The report represents the first pan-European qualitative survey of Islamophobia, and includes an assessment on how Muslims experience discrimination and how Islamophobia manifests itself. The findings are based on data and information from ENAR’s national Shadow Reports, prepared by ENAR members in 26 European countries.

Discrimination against Muslims occurs in a number of ways. According to a study on anti-Muslim racism in Ireland, over a third of participants reported that they have experienced some form of anti-Muslim hostility. In Lithuania, a survey found that close to 40% of respondents would not let accommodation to Chechens, refugees, or Muslims, while statistics from Bulgaria reveal that the unemployment rate among Muslims is three times the national average. Women often face double discrimination. Thus, in France, 85% of Islamophobic acts target women, and in Belgium, 44% of employers say that wearing the headscarf can influence the selection of job candidates.

Many other cases of racism and Islamophobia are discussed in the Shadow Report, which also gives recommendations to institutions and Member States on how to tackle racism and discrimination. To read the electronic version of the European Shadow Report or one of the 26 country-specific reports, please follow the link below. To order a hard copy in English or French, contact:

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