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Message from Sodexo, one of the ENAR Foundation’s Champion Companies

Sodexo has been involved in different initiatives with ENAR for several years, trying to promote equality in the workplace by analysing causes of discrimination and possible means to remedy or at least to mitigate its impact. Sodexo is a global company and its employees, their talents, their multiple competences and their ambitions are its strength and its main capital.

To support the work of ENAR seemed evident, because ethnic discrimination could become a real threat for an international company like Sodexo. Therefore, when ENAR asked us to support the ENAR Foundation’s Charity Gala and also to sponsor the 1st ENAR Foundation Award “for a racism-free Europe” for a company, we did not think twice!

“We have common objectives, and we are aware of how much work we have to do together. We are convinced that this symbolic gesture will help us to go in the right direction”, said Jean-Michel Monnot, Vice President of the Group Diversity and Inclusion and Director of Diversity Europe.

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