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Gearing Up for Div’Apéro #6!

In two weeks, the ENAR Foundation will bring forth its biggest Div’Apéro to date. with that being said, we’ve had many questions surrounding this Div’Apéro, and have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions:

What is a Div’Apéro?

The Div’Apéro (Diversity Apéro) is the networking meeting where concerned citizens can contribute to the advancement of diversity and equality for all in Europe. At the ENAR Foundation, we believe that countless people are putting together initiatives and projects to build a better Europe for ALL.

Where is this Div’Apéro taking place?

This Div’Apéro takes place at the Place Communale de Molenbeek.

Why focus on the entertainment industry for 20 June?

Coincidentally, the weekend of 20 June is Fête de la Musique in Belgium and a few other countries. As such, we have chosen to highlight the ways in which music and entertainment influence the public. We’re witnessing a rise of the extreme Right parties and would like to know how we as a whole can combat them.

Who can participate?

The Div’Apéro is opened to all: young people, students, activists, NGO, business, institution representatives, etc., who believe that it is possible to create a better Europe for all: a Europe of solidarity, well-being and equality.

Who is the organiser?

The ENAR Foundation, powered by TAG City—our cultural partner! We are also collaborating with the Municipality of Molenbeek.

What can we do to support this Div’Apéro?

Come down and participate! Bring your business cards, your network, and ideas! When you come to a Div’Apéro, you not only expand your network and find out about projects, but you also get the opportunity to contribute to projects and share your ideas. Be prepared to fight for Cultural Diversity—at your own level, and have fun at the same time!

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